Book Week Dress Up Day

This week is Book Week!

Today Killara had a dress up day to celebrate, and our assembly was a wonderful way to show off all of our costumes. Thank you to the parents who were able to stay and watch.

Look at the photos below to see all of 1/2 H’s book characters.

Stay tuned to see our Book Week Door Decorations. We can’t wait to wander around the school next week to see everyone else’s doors.

Science Works

Last Thursday 1/2 EFGH went to Science Works for the day.  We enjoyed the “Toys and Forces” show where Mai taught us about push, pull, friction and gravity. We learned toys need lots of help to move the way they do!!

Throughout the remainder of the day we explored the ground floor as well as the Nitty Gritty Super City and discovered that all sorts of things need force to move or work.  Thank you to our wonderful parent helpers who made the day much more exciting.

We were also very lucky with the weather, having enough sunshine to eat our lunch outside as well as play a gave to tiggy and quickly try out the playground.

What was your favourite part of this excursion?


Pyjama Day

On Friday 21st July, Killara participated in National Pyjama Day. This day raises awareness of children in foster care.

We thoroughly enjoyed wearing our PJs to school (especially during PE and Music), and we spent the afternoon reading some of our favourite books with Mrs Smith’s class in Room 22.

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone! We hope you have enjoyed the start of Term 3.

Here are some photos of the learning we have done so far.

We’ve been solving words using games like boggle, creating lists with Scattegories, practising place value using 100 chart puzzles and this week we have started exploring multiplication through repeated addition and skip counting. It’s okay, we did the “duster dance” to clean up the chalk on the floor!! Write a comment below about what your favourite part has been so far…


Alpha’s Snow Queen

Today Killara had a visit from the Alpha Production Company!  Lachie, Kat, Cassandra, Adam, Nicole and Jackie performed The Snow Queen in great style. It was loud, colourful and hilarious with some exciting jokes and sword fights (with real swords!!). We learnt about the importance of making positive choices, how our choices effect ourselves and those around us and that we are all good people capable of making positive choices.

We also enjoyed the Q&A time at the end of the show and learnt about how the costumes and sets were made, who played which character(s) and how long it takes to set up the stage (1.5 hours for stage set up and sound checks,  but only 1hr for a pack down).

My favourite parts were the sword fights and the snow. Write a comment about your favourite part of the show…


Over the past few weeks the 1/2 students have been learning about measuring length. We learned about the difference between formal (cm, m) and informal (paper clips, unifix, icy pole sticks) measuring. We found lots of things to measure and order within our classroom.  Have a look at the photos below to see some of the fun learning we had and leave a comment about what your favourite object/ way to measure is?

Persuasive Writing

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. Leave a comment below about what you have been doing.

I am very excited to share the discovery I made yesterday!!

I found a new book that is perfect for our Persuasive Writing this week. It is another book from Beck & Matt Stanton. It uses persuasive language including arguments, questions and reasons. It may also give you an idea for your own writing. Perfect, right!?

I can’t wait to read it to you on Tuesday.

Here are some sneak peeks…


Feelings and Emotions

We have been spending a lot of time exploring our (and our friend’s) feelings and emotions as part of our Getting Along unit in You Can Do It.

It is lovely to see that students in 1/2 GH are comfortable in sharing their emotions out loud as well as exploring possible solutions. Each day we have discussed how our actions and words impact other people as well as ourselves.

Today 1/2H we did an experiment with 2 identical looking apples (twins).

1 apple was spoken to nicely and was treated with care. The other apple was spoken to in unfriendly ways and was dropped on the ground.

When we cut the apples open we found there was a difference.

The apple we were kind to was clean and clear on the inside. The apple we were mean to started to get bruises and had squishy spots on the inside. After some discussion we discovered that although it may not look like our actions and words are doing any visible damage on the outside, the impact is occurring on the inside where others can’t see it. We decided: We need to think before we speak; think before we act.

Not our apples but a good example.

Word Study

Students of 1/2 H and G are having a great time exploring their new spelling patterns this week.

Below are some of the tasks we have completed to help learn and practise these new patterns.

What words can you think of that fit with these graphemes? (or/ore/aw, ow/ou, air/are/ear)