Community Dress Up Day

This Friday, 24th November is the 1/2 Community Helper Dress Up Day.

Students are encouraged to dress up in an outfit that represents someone in the community. It may be as a volunteer, paid employee, emergency services person, sports person, teacher, artist, tradie, etc. Really, the sky is the limit!!

We can’t wait to see who everyone comes dressed up as. There is also a reminder that the 1/2 cohort will be having lunch on the Oval on Friday for a combined celebratory lunch. Lunch orders will still be accepted on this day and our “No Sharing Food” policy will continue. Parents are invited to this event and are asked to sign in at the Office before meeting with the group.

We look forward to seeing lots of smiling faces on the day!!

Kindness Week

November 12-19 is World Kindness Week.

This year 1/2 H have had many discussions through our You Can Do It focuses as well as general discussions about what kindness is and what makes a good friend. We have some wonderful ideas and suggestions for being kind and good friends.
One activity we all participated in this week was The Board of Kindness. Beginning with a board full of negative comments and actions, we took it in turns to rub one out and replace it with a positive comment or action.  As a class, we decided it was important for each of us to remember these positive acts and promise to continue to practise them.  As a result we all signed the board to show our commitment to this.

Do you have any other positive words/actions we could include on our board?

Community Helpers Day

On Thursday 28th October the 1/2 students participated in a Community Helpers rotation day.

We met 6 different people/groups and learned about how they work in or help in our community. Some people are volunteers, which means they don’t get paid, and some people have special jobs they are paid for. Some people even do both! We had so much fun and learnt a great deal, we are still talking about it today! Some of us even chose to speak about our day at assembly on Monday.

We had the best time and can’t wait for our Community Dress Up Day on 24th November!


We have been having a wonderful time over the past few weeks learning about fractions. We have learned that shapes and quantities can be divided into equal parts, or fractions. In shapes, fractions can look different but they must all be of equal size. Here is a video about fractions and some photos of our playdough fraction work.

Book Week Dress Up Day

This week is Book Week!

Today Killara had a dress up day to celebrate, and our assembly was a wonderful way to show off all of our costumes. Thank you to the parents who were able to stay and watch.

Look at the photos below to see all of 1/2 H’s book characters.

Stay tuned to see our Book Week Door Decorations. We can’t wait to wander around the school next week to see everyone else’s doors.

Science Works

Last Thursday 1/2 EFGH went to Science Works for the day.  We enjoyed the “Toys and Forces” show where Mai taught us about push, pull, friction and gravity. We learned toys need lots of help to move the way they do!!

Throughout the remainder of the day we explored the ground floor as well as the Nitty Gritty Super City and discovered that all sorts of things need force to move or work.  Thank you to our wonderful parent helpers who made the day much more exciting.

We were also very lucky with the weather, having enough sunshine to eat our lunch outside as well as play a gave to tiggy and quickly try out the playground.

What was your favourite part of this excursion?


Pyjama Day

On Friday 21st July, Killara participated in National Pyjama Day. This day raises awareness of children in foster care.

We thoroughly enjoyed wearing our PJs to school (especially during PE and Music), and we spent the afternoon reading some of our favourite books with Mrs Smith’s class in Room 22.